About Pars Daria

At Pars Daria PJS we deliver essential commodities to our clients and oversee the transportation of cargos connecting suppliers and producers with points of consumption worldwide.

Pars Daria PJS is a commodities trader, broker and marketer based in Tehran. We source and deliver essential commodities to clients around the world and provide regional supply and demand intelligence for end-product producers and buyers.

Our mission is to provide a high standard service by ascertaining customers’ and markets' needs and providing clear and accurate information in response to those needs.

We are dedicated to maintaining our status as the preferred business partner. Our mission is to provide a profitable environment for our customers and suppliers while fulfilling their requirements through reliable, prompt and trustworthy performance.

We aim to achieve our key deliverables efficiently as a path to industry-leading returns, while maintaining a clear focus on excellence, quality, sustainability and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Pars Daria is committed to providing all of our services in full compliance with all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We choose to do business with suppliers, buyers, agents and other business partners who meet our ethical and compliance standards.

We use market knowledge, logistics and global resources to move physical commodities where they’re needed and retain our edge by continually improving service and performance. Our drive to innovative and maximize efficiency makes us a perfect partner to businesses around the globe.

As physical traders, we gain first-hand experience of economic fundamentals and have a detailed overview of macro and micro trends as they play out on the ground.

We operate a range of owned and third-party warehouses and freight terminals throughout the country that helps us to reach our customers with shortest and most effective way. Safe and efficient storage of commodities is as important as timely delivery.

Pars Daria oversees the transportation of cargos connecting suppliers and producers with points of consumption worldwide. Our extensive expertise in international logistics and supply chain management help us to bring down the cost of trading.